Each month, you will receive a mysterious package in the mail.  Use the items inside to solve a compelling mystery.  Use your powers of observation to follow the trail of clues. Your investigation will also lead you to additional storyline and clues on the internet - websites, character profiles, and much more. In most of our mystery experiences, you can also interact with characters through email and telephone.

What might you find in your mystery package?  Past items have included maps, FBI files, artifacts, newspapers, suspect profiles, strange letters, relics, a funeral program, flash drives with encrypted files, artwork, a decoder wheel, crime scene evidence, historic documents, items left at a murder scene by a serial killer, posters, puzzles, photographs and much, much more!

Each monthly package is a self-contained mystery experience that can be enjoyed and solved without any knowledge of our prior mysteries. However, all of our mysteries are set in the same "shared universe" with characters, locations and overarching storylines that provide continuity and an enhanced experience for longer term subscribers. There are meta-mysteries that run through and involve all of the monthly experiences for those who want a more in-depth experience over time.

LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE!!  We only accept a limited number of subscriptions each month. Once they are sold, we stop accepting new subscribers for that month.  Subscribe today to lock in your subscription!

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