Frequently Asked Questions

Membership with The Mystery Experiences Company

Q.   Can I order past mystery boxes?

A.    Each mystery box is a limited edition product. They are available only as part of your membership with us. We do occasionally release enhanced versions of past mysteries as Premium Experiences, so stay tuned to our website and our Facebook page for future announcements.

Q.   I have a question. Can I contact you?

A.   Absolutely! We provide customer service via email. Just send an email to us at We typically respond to emails within one or two business days. Occasionally someone will try to ask us a question via social media, but that's not a great way for us to communicate. We aren't able to monitor every single post or message on social media and we can't guarantee that your question will be answered that way. Instead, send us an email directly!

Billing, Payment and Shipping

Q.  When will I receive my mystery package?

A.  All of our monthly mystery packages ship around the 21st of each month and take 2-8 business days for delivery to U.S. addresses (delivery to Canadian addresses can take longer).  If you initially subscribed on or after the 19th of the month, your first mystery will be shipped during the last week of the following month.

Q.   When will I be billed ?

A.   For month-to-month plans, you’ll pay for your first mystery package as soon as you start your plan. After the first month, you'll be billed monthly on the last day of each month. That pays for the next month's mystery. For 3-month prepaid subscriptions, you'll pay the full plan amount when you place your order. Then you'll be billed again at the end of the three month cycle (on the last day of the month) for the next three months. You can cancel the upcoming renewal of a monthly or 3 month plan at any time before the renewal date. Please note that for 3 month plans, renewal refers to the full contract, not the delivery of each month’s box.

Q.   Why is the 3-Month subscription price different than the Month-to-Month price?

A.    Great question!  As you may have noticed, the longer you commit to our monthly mysteries, the better deal you’ll get!  The reason is that longer-term plans help us make a better product for you.  Most of our vendors make products just for us, so having longer-term commitments helps us better estimate how much of a given item we need to order.  Your longer length plans help us work with high quality vendors to put together future mysteries at a great price!  So the longer we can count on you staying with The Mystery Experiences Company, the better it is for you and for us.

Q.   If I change my mind, can I cancel?

A.   You may cancel your subscription at any time.  But don't do that!  You'll miss out on all the fun!   If you do decide to cancel, just log-in to your user account and select the option to cancel your subscription. We give our members complete control over their subscriptions. To cancel, there is no need to call us, talk to a customer service representative or jump through any hoops.  Just log-in and select the option cancel. With a mouse click, you're all done!

Make sure to cancel before your renewal date if you don't want your subscription to renew again.  For monthly subscriptions, the renewal date is the last day of each month.  For 3-month subscriptions, the renewal date is the last day of the third month.  Please note that subscription orders and renewals are not refundable once paid.

Q.   Why was my subscription renewed?

A.    The Mystery Experiences Company is a subscription service that renews every cycle. We want to make sure you don’t miss a single mystery! We try to make the automatic renewal policy very clear on the site when you order or log into your account, but sometimes it gets missed! You can log into your account, then go to your user account and click “Edit” to update or cancel the upcoming renewal of your subscription at any time. If you need help adjusting your subscription, email We're always happy to help!

Q.   If I cancel in the middle of a subscription, will I still get all my mystery boxes?

A.   We hope you’re not really thinking about leaving!  But if you cancel… yes, you will definitely receive all of the boxes from your subscription!  Canceling means your subscription will not renew, but if you signed up for a three month prepaid subscription, you’ll still get your three month’s worth of mystery boxes.

Other Questions

Q.    Is this appropriate for children?

A.    We have found that parents and teachers vary widely in what they find appropriate for children of different ages. The content of the mysteries is oriented more toward adults, but no more so than you would find on a typical episode of Criminal Minds or CSI on television. Our suggestion would be to try one of our mystery boxes yourself so that you will get a good feel for the content of our mysteries before making a decision. You could also screen the contents of the monthly packages before giving them to a younger person to ensure that the content meets your standards for what is age appropriate.

Q.   Is there a time limit for solving the mysteries?

A.  We typically keep our mysteries active for at least one year after they ship. After one year, we may stop actively maintaining the multimedia components for the mystery such as phone numbers, email addresses and websites.

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