Our Next Mystery - Malice in Wonderland

The serial killer known as the Mad Hatter has returned and taken three new victims. All of the crime scenes have been staged with items from Alice in Wonderland.  Match wits with one of the most infamous villains in the Mystery Experiences universe.  Can you stop the Mad Hatter before he kills again?

Receive a mysterious package in the mail. Use the items and clues inside to solve a compelling mystery! LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE --  We only offer a limited number each month so order now to start your first mystery experience!




All of the mysteries created by The Mystery Experiences Company are set in the same shared universe. Characters from previous mysteries may return in future months, and many important locations are set in the same fictional metropolis: Forrest City.  All monthly mystery packages include a newspaper from Forrest City reporting on the important events of the day.

No previous knowledge of prior mysteries is required for you to enjoy each new mystery, but those who continue to receive our mysteries each month can also enjoy the broader, continuing story of Forrest City and its unique inhabitants.


We Create Monthly Mysteries.

The Mystery Experiences Company was co-founded by an internationally acclaimed writing team: Christopher Forrest and Amy Forrest.

Drawing on experiences from their own lives, Christopher and Amy work together to develop the storylines for the experiences offered by the company. They have explored pyramids in Egypt, climbed Mayan temples in Central America, hot air-ballooned over the Serengeti in Africa, dog-sledded across a glacier in Alaska, and swam in the frigid waters hiding a tectonic rift in Iceland.

The Mystery Experiences Company tells stories through mixed-media experiences using the mail, internet and interactive channels including email and phone to bring a level of reality and immersion not available through traditional media formats.

Praise for Christopher Forrest's writing :

From New York Times bestselling author JAMES ROLLINS: "Will make you question the fundamentals of mankind's past. Cutting edge science and lost history collide in a thrilling tour de force. A debut not to be missed."

From BOOKLIST: "[Will] keep thriller fans panting."

From New York Times bestselling author DOUGLAS PRESTON: "Launches the reader into a story of science and ancient mystery that will blow your mind."

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