NEW MYSTERIES EVERY MONTH Each month you will receive a new mystery experience created by a best-selling author that tells a compelling story and offers a mystery to solve. Our mystery experiences include murders, lost relics, serial killers, forbidden secrets and much more!

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RECEIVE YOUR NEW MYSTERY PACKAGE Receive a  mysterious package in the mail.  Use the items and clues and puzzles inside to solve a compelling mystery.  Past mysteries have included homicide reports, cryptic letters, forensic evidence, maps, newspapers, antique keys, original artwork, journals, photographs, FBI profiles, and much more.

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New Mysteries


Our mysteries are created by internationally acclaimed author CHRISTOPHER FORREST.  His bestselling novels have been published in the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Spain, Central America and South America. We also produce mysteries in partnership with entertainment companies such as 20th CENTURY FOX for the movie MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.

Praise for Christopher Forrest's writing:

From New York Times bestselling author JAMES ROLLINS: "Will make you question the fundamentals of mankind's past. Cutting edge science and lost history collide in a thrilling tour de force."

From New York Times bestselling author DOUGLAS PRESTON: "Launches the reader into a story of science and ancient mystery that will blow your mind."

Q.   I want to sign up for a subscription! Are there any extra fees?

A.    No!  You pay only your monthly subscription amount of $29.99 per month, plus a flat rate for shipping (only $4.99 per month). You are free, however, to send us any extra money that you have just lying around and don't really need.  We promise to give it a good home.

Q.   Is everything needed to solve the mystery in the box?

A.    Nope, and that's a good thing.  If you (or a member of your group) have a smart phone with internet access (or a computer or tablet, or the ability to kidnap someone with one of these devices), you are all set. Most of our immersive mystery experiences will take you online to uncover additional information and clues.

Q.  I don't live in the United States. Can I still subscribe?

A.   Currently, we only offer subscriptions to mailing addresses within the United States. We recommend that you purchase a second home in the U.S. so that you don't miss out on any mystery packages.

Q . If I change my mind, can I cancel?

A .    If you  change your mind, you may cancel your subscription at any time (unless you prepaid multiple months).  But don't do that!  You'll miss out on all the fun!  If you do decide to cancel, just log-in to your user account and select the option to cancel your subscription.

Q.   Does the mystery continue from month to month?

A. Each monthly package is a self-contained mystery experience that can be enjoyed without any knowledge of our prior mysteries. However, all of our mysteries are set in the same "shared universe" that provides an enhanced experience for those subscribers who stay with us over time.

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